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Arkham Horror RPG: Core Rulebook
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Arkham Horror RPG: Core Rulebook
It is the height of the Roaring 20s, and the world has gone mad. Dive into the glamour, danger, and mystery of Arkham Horror in this brand-new roleplaying game!

With intuitive, exciting mechanics enabling tough choices and immersive storytelling, all you need is this book and a handful of six-sided dice to start telling stories with your friends! Become one of the few investigators brave and resolute enough to step into the shadows behind our normal world and face the crawling horrors beyond. If you fail, your sanity will be shattered and your body consumed by eldritch forces. But if you succeed, you just might save the world from total destruction!

In the game, you can build a unique character from one of eight archetypes, ranging from the whip-wielding Adventurer to the clever and cunning Seeker or the eldritch power-infused Mystic. Use this character to fist-fight hordes of Deep Ones, or flee from the wrath of a towering Star Spawn in epic and heroic action like never before in the Lovecraft universe.

Gaming system:

The Arkham Horror RPG utilises the Dynamic Pool System (DPS) for gameplay. 6-sided dice are used to represent characters? ability to perform actions, their physical health, and their mental state. Dice can be spent to perform simple or complex actions, and special abilities called Knacks.

Since the system is entirely built around d6s, the mechanics are easy to learn, but the dynamic and open-design allows for interesting strategic and narrative moments.