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28 Dec, 2020 Prerelease Early Sale Promotion â?? Changing to Set Booster Displays So buy a Kalkheim Set Booster and be able to pick up on prerelease days, plus buy a box promo while stock lasts. Kaldheim Set Display
16 Dec, 2020 While we have all faced challenges in this most unusual year, we appreciate your continuous support on all aspects, your smile and kindness no doubt helped to grow Baydragon game community and business from strength to strength. Our promise is to support everyone with your game needs at reasonable price, and offer bonus points and league points to help you get more for less.

If we can assist you in any way, or you have some idea to discuss with us, we want to listen. Happy Holiday Everyone!
10 Dec, 2020 Good news - we shall get 35pt one touch soon. likely in 2 weeks time.
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Monarch (Preorder)
Arcane Rising (Unlimited)
Welcome to Rathe (Unlimited)
Flesh and Blood Crucible of War
Unison Warrior Series 12 UW3 Premium Pack (Preorder)
Unison Warrior Series 12 UW3 Ultimate Deck (Preorder)
Unison Warrior Series 12 UW3 (Preorder)
Dragon Ball Super TCG Expansion Set 14 & 15
Digimon Card Game Series 01 Special Booster Display Version 1.5 (Preorder)
Digimon Series 01 Special Booster Display Version 1 (Preorder)
Digimon Series 01 Starter 01 Gaia Red (Preorder)
Digimon Series 01 Starter 02 Cocytus Blue (Preorder)
Kaldheim Draft Booster and Bundle (Preorder)
Kaldheim Collector (Preorder)
Kaldheim Commander (Preorder)
Kaldheim Theme Booster (Preorder)
Baydragon Kaldheim At-Home Prerelease ticket (Preorder)
Baydragon Kaldheim In-Store Prerelease ticket (Preorder)
Kaldheim Set Booster (Preorder)
Commander Collection: Green , Singles Avail
Zendikar Rising Bundle Gift Edition
Commander Legends , Singles Avail
Commander Legends At-home Prerelease (DCI is required)
Commander Legends Prereleases
Yu-Gi-Oh! Blazing Vortex (Preorder)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Freezing Chains Structure Deck (Preorder)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight (Preorder)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Duelist Season 2 , Singles Avail (Just Released)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Genesis Impact , Singles Avail
Yu-Gi-Oh! Speed Duel Battle City Box
Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Gold , Singles Avail
Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Rage , Singles Avail
Yu-Gi-Oh! Spirit Charmers Structure Deck
YuGiOh Rage of Ra , Singles Avail
YGO The Dark Magicians Accessories
YuGiOh Dragons of Legend - The Complete Series , Singles Avail
Pokemon TCG: Elite Trainer Box- Shining Fates (Preorder)
Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield 05 Battle Styles (Preorder)
Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield 05 Battle Styles Elite Trainer Box (Preorder)
Pokemon TCG: Champion's Path Collection- Dubwool V , Singles Avail (Preorder)
Pokemon TCG: Champion's Path Collection- Hatterene V (Preorder)
Pokemon TCG: Alakazam V Box (Preorder)
[Japanese]S5I Single Strike Master/S5R Rapid Strike Master (Preorder)
3 Ring Binder 9-Pocket Pokemon- Swords & Shield Galar Starters (Just Released)
Deck Protectors Pokemon Sword & Shield (65ct)
Pokemon Sword & Shield: Vivid Voltage Build & Battle Box
Pokemon TCG League Battle Deck- Zacian V
Pokemon TCG: Orbeetle V Box
Dragon Shield Binder: Card Codex Portfolio For Exchangeable Pages (Just Released)
Speciality Holders
Ultimate Guard Arkhive 800+ Standard Size Xenoskin
Card Sleeves: Katana Sleeves Japanese Size (60ct)
Dragon Shield: Pages (50)
Deck Protectors: Pro-Gloss Small- Eclipse (60 count)
Dragon Shield Sleeves: Standard- Matte Mona Lisa Art (100 ct.)
Dragon Shield Sleeves: Standard- Brushed Among the Sierra Nevada Art (100 ct.)
Adventure Chest Card Carrying Case
Deckbox: M2- Dark Steel, Limited Edition
Deckbox: M2- Sea Dragon, Limited Edition
Deck Case: French Tarot Flip 80+ XenoSkin- Brown

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