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06 Jun, 2006 Duel Masters Survivors of the Megapocalypse is now in stock.
04 Jan, 2005 The new developed bagdragon Forum to disscuss anything about trading cards is available now. So let's talk loudly!!! and nicely ;-)
06 Jun, 2006 Superman - Man of Steel is now in stock.
06 Jun, 2006 Dark Begining is now in stock.
24 Dec, 2004 We wish you and your family A Merry Christmas and Great Successful New Year.
06 Jun, 2006 Team Rocket Returns Booster Pack is now in stock.
16 Dec, 2004 Duel Masters PRE-XMAS TOURNAMENT is scheduled on 19th of December 2004, from 1:00pm. Everyone is welcomed!!! Call Judy or Allan at shop on 09 6279375 for more details.
06 Jun, 2006 Pokemon ex Deck Tins is now in stock, only $20.36 each; Pokemon ex Team Rocket Returns theme deck is in stock, for only $23.76 each
04 Dec, 2004 Xmas Sale, Duel Masters Evo theme deck now $19.97, Duel Masters 2004 Shadowclash Collector Set now $34.61, DragonBall Z Buu Saga - Hero Starter Deck now $25.46, YuGiOh booster pack now $7.96, Pokemon 15% off, DragonBall GT Limited Edition Collector's Tin now $39.96, and other DragonBall GT 10% off
30 Nov, 2004 Go live special extended to end of the year! Min 8% off everything including accessories.
26 Nov, 2004 Duel Masters ShadowClash of Blinding Night Single Cards has been added to our shop Home Knex at Blockhouse Bay.
06 Jun, 2006 Yu Gi Oh! Rise of Destiny is now in stock, available in Booster and Special Edition Pack.
06 Jun, 2006 Magic the Gathering Unhinged 15 Card Booster Pack is in stock now.
06 Jun, 2006 Duel Masters ShadowClash of Blinding Night is now in stock. Booster is available, only $7.31 each.
17 Nov, 2004 Dragon Ball GT Lost Episodes is now available in booster and booster box.
16 Nov, 2004 2004 YuGiOh Booster Pack Collector's Tin for sale, now only $50.36 each.
13 Nov, 2004 Dragon Ball GT Lost Episodes will be availabe at this web site and Blockhouse Bay Shop next week.
13 Nov, 2004 Go live special until 28/11/2004! 8% off already low web price for YuGiOh, Duel Masters, Pokemon, DragonBall Z/GT and Magic.
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