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28 Mar, 2018 Was sent 30 BUY-A-BOX Ixalan - Treasure Chest packs. so a treasure chest when buying any Magic booster box while stock last.
31 Jan, 2018 This web site will buy and sell Dragon Ball Super single cards soon.
22 Dec, 2017 One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you. We appreciate your business and wish you the very best in the coming new year.

Baydragon Blockhouse Bay Store closed 25/12 - 12/01; Baydragon Botany Store closed on 25, 26/12 and 1, 2 of Jan.

For any enquiries during this time, please call me on 02040850595 or email
01 Dec, 2017 A drop down as hints when you search Single Cards has been added. Please contact us if there is anything wrong. Thanks
29 Nov, 2017 A drop down as hints when you search Single Cards will be added to this site next week, around 4th Dec.
15 Jun, 2017 Win 36 Magic Boosters for free this Sunday if there are 25 players. Bring your friends and make it happen!

venue: Baydragon Botany Store.
25 May, 2017 We start trade in sealed products, start with Amonkhet Booster Box.
13 Mar, 2017 We have adjust price down to $350 a box as we are able to get more boxes. all orders that have been placed will use the lowered price. Thanks
03 Mar, 2017 Our Modern Master 2017 price is not as low as we did before, mainly because we did not get enough this time. We are sorry.
25 May, 2016 Introduce interesting Tokidoki, fun and collectible.
19 Apr, 2016 Shadows over Innistrad Sleeves, deck boxes, and Playmats just arrived.
05 Apr, 2016 Journey into Nyx Prereleases is now $20 each while stock lasts.
22 Mar, 2016 Baydragon Botany store opens in the afternoon from 5:30 pm on Good Friday, and closes on easter Sunday. Opens usual on other days. Cheers
19 Dec, 2015 baydragon blockhouse bay store will be closed between 28 dec - 13/01.
Baydragon Botany Store opens through Christmas and New Year period, only closes on 25th, 26th dec, 1st and 2nd Jan.
Merry Xmas everyone.
17 Dec, 2015 its that time of the year again, baydragon would like to thank you for your support for year 2015, and look forward to great and winning 2016!

Baydragon botany store will open through the Xmas/New Year (boxing day closed), while Baydragon Blockhouse Bay store will close between 28/Dec - 13/Jan.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
17 Dec, 2015 We will have Weiss Schwarz products on the web next week. watch out.
03 Mar, 2016 We are now selling Monster Binders.
03 Jun, 2015 Various playmats for sale later this week.
26 Apr, 2015 We will try to get Pokemon singles available for XY Roaring.
08 Dec, 2014 We are now selling Vanguard singles.
11 Apr, 2014 Baydragon has now included CourierPost as one of our delivery methods.
26 Mar, 2014 We have added miniatures Today, will add more boardgames soon.
16 Dec, 2013 its that time of the year again, we would like to say THANK YOU for the support you show for the past year. During this holiday period, baydragon botany will only close on the following days, 25, 26 of Dec 1, 2 of Jan Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
21 Nov, 2013 We will have bonus points for singles now, from Today 21st Nov, 2013.
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