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17 Mar, 2021 We were informed the battle styles booster box will be with us by next Tue-Wed, that is 23rd-24th March. Sorry for the delay.
28 Dec, 2020 Prerelease Early Sale Promotion â?? Changing to Set Booster Displays So buy a Kalkheim Set Booster and be able to pick up on prerelease days, plus buy a box promo while stock lasts. Kaldheim Set Display
16 Dec, 2020 While we have all faced challenges in this most unusual year, we appreciate your continuous support on all aspects, your smile and kindness no doubt helped to grow Baydragon game community and business from strength to strength. Our promise is to support everyone with your game needs at reasonable price, and offer bonus points and league points to help you get more for less.

If we can assist you in any way, or you have some idea to discuss with us, we want to listen. Happy Holiday Everyone!
10 Dec, 2020 Good news - we shall get 35pt one touch soon. likely in 2 weeks time.
30 Oct, 2020 We have just received Champion's Path Elite Trainer Boxes.
15 Oct, 2020 Modern Horizon on sale only $260 each. While stock lasts Modern Horizon
16 Sep, 2020 Draft Boosters: Delayed. Estimated to arrive with release-date orders (week of 21-25 Sept)
Collector Boosters: Delayed. Estimated ETA is 10-15 days after launch 25 Sept
Commander Decks: Delayed. ETA is 1-5 days after launch 25 Sept.
15 Aug, 2020 Baydragon open everyday from 11am to 6pm through level 3 lock down. You are welcome to order on this web site and choose to pick up from the store.
11 Aug, 2020 We shall receive Jumpstart tomorrow or this Thursday. Thanks
15 Jul, 2020 A box of Modern Horizons is only $300. Limited time only Modern Horizons
14 Jul, 2020 fyi

At this stage, the exact date of arrival of stock is uncertain; we currently estimate Jumpstart to arrive in mid-August, and Double Masters to arrive in late-August. We will send further communications once more information becomes available.
01 Jul, 2020 Double Masters doubles up on rare cards, foils, and promos! Baydragon will include two promos for each double master sealed box purchase per customer.
11 Jun, 2020 Love Your Store promotion: any purchase of magic product will receive a Reliquary Tower; any purchase of a sealed magic display will receive a Hangarback Walker while stock lasts.
21 May, 2020 Wizard will send us those printed in japanese but not in english Ikoria collectors. we have written down all orders that bought 3 packs or more. we will then message you when they are available and send them to you with your next order if possible.
21 May, 2020 Baydragon is pleased to announce we have a new and improved range of Magic singles in stock.You can search for the card you want by selecting singles then type the card you want into search.Some cards come up with 2 tabs.Please check both as market tab has many hard to find cards.
19 Apr, 2020 baydragon will move to alert leve 3 with extreme caution.

We are in a new normal that will be with us for some time, we recomend:
1. business time is normal from 10am to 6pm Monday - Sunday
2. order online on and pick up
3. order online on and baydragon arranges couriers for delivery. Free when $150 or more.
19 Apr, 2020 covid-19 special - Free delivery if your order is $150 or more, starts today Rural and Saturday delivery still apply.
06 Apr, 2020 For each player who preorders a full display of Ikoria from Baydragon, He/She will be provided one of the codes below. The code redeems for digital items in Magic Arena and will be a great way for players to show off that they supported their local game store!

Each code redeems for the following:

Deluxe Champion Trophy Pet
Mana Vault Exquisite Card Sleeve
Serra the Benevolent Avatar
25 Mar, 2020 Our store closed for 4 weeks in response to State Level 4 emergency alert. Orders placed through this web site will be packed and be sent as soon as possible. Thanks, and be well.
30 Jan, 2020 We are expecting to receive our brawl decks this week. we will send back orders of brawl decks as soon asap. Thanks
15 Oct, 2020 Modern Horizon on sale only $260 each. While stock lasts Modern Horizon
28 Apr, 2019 Our events are now listed in calendar style. Events
28 Apr, 2019 Magic War of Spark singles shall be available for ordering tomorrow (Monday).
28 Apr, 2019 Yugioh Dark Neostorm singles is available for ordering.
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