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04 Jul, 2024 Laybuy is temporary removed from our payment options today, until further notice.
05 Jun, 2024 Magic Murders at Karlov Manor Commander Display on sale, only $240 a display
05 Jun, 2024 Magic Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Decks on sale, only $240 a display
16 Apr, 2024 We are pre-selling Disney Lorcana
24 May, 2023 Baydragon Trading Day
Pokemon and One Piece
You're invited to join us on the Trading day and bring your collection for selling or trading. We have thoughtfully allocated four expansive tables specifically for our esteemed big collectors to utilize. We warmly welcome you to attend and explore the exciting offerings available on that day.
Venue: Baydragon Store
Collection: Pokemon and One Piece; sealed and singles.
Date/Time: Every Sunday, 2:30 pm ? 6:00 pm
Fees: Absolutely free.
27 Mar, 2023 We will hopefully receive Crown Zenith Tins this week. There was a delay in shipping from our distributor. Sorry
26 Mar, 2023 Magic Sales Promotion - get free stuff when you purchase Magic the Gathering sealed products.
Here is current Magic Sales Promotion
07 Mar, 2023 Spend $80 on Magic Products, and get a Phyrexia Click Wheel for Free while stock lasts. You need leave notes on "delivery instruction".
22 Jan, 2023 Baydragon Shopping cart is now saved if you are logged in. Singles and products in your shopping cart will be saved for logged-in users either your browser session is timed out or you logged out. Your shopping cart will be restored when you log back in again.
15 Jan, 2023 We are working on saving shopping cart between sessions for logged-in users. It shall go live soon.
14 Dec, 2022 We are expecting Warhammer 40k early next week, around 20th Dec.
16 Nov, 2022 We are still waiting for Pokemon Silver Tempest Booster Boxes. Called PBT this morning, feel like it will be lucky if we get them by this Friday.
13 Nov, 2022 We can sell Brothers War Draft, Set, and collectors, but need to hold prerelease/kits until 18th Nov.
02 Nov, 2022 The distributor estimated the 40k Commander wave 2 will be 2-3 weeks after release. I asked their sales rep again yesterday and he replied "it shall be in soon". This delay will affect all stores New Zealand-wide. We expect to receive the stock in 2 weeks (around 16th Nov). We are sorry for this delay and will send your order as soon as we receive the stock.
12 Oct, 2022 Warhammer 40k regular will be in two waves. Wave 1 will be on release day, wave 2 will be in 2-3 weeks. All preorders will be sent with wave 2.
09 Aug, 2022 Pokemon go elite trainer box is unfortunately delayed. The release date will be 16-17th Aug. Sorry.
04 Aug, 2022 Baydragon would like to invite you to Subscribe to our monthly newsletter. The monthly newsletter will put together new stock, stock arriving, preorder info, promoted sales, and exclusive deals. Do not miss it.
20 Jul, 2022 We have modified some parts of the website to be mobile-friendly. e.g. show items in two columns; list singles to fit the mobile screen, check out screens occupy the main screen etc. Hope it makes it easier to browse this website. Thanks.
13 Jun, 2022 Talked to our distributor last week, and found the d-sprits shall arrive this week. We shall send preorders asap.
07 Jun, 2022 added some new features, e.g. top banner shows Tcg Accessories, items on Special, and Just Arrived.
18 May, 2022 We will stock One Piece Card Game, and will run prereleases as well. More info coming soon.
25 Jan, 2022 As you know, we are back at Red in the Traffic Light with Omicron in the community. Baydragon will still open late this Friday and run in store leagues this weekend.

Baydragon is completely focusing on providing a safe play environment. We will have tables separated in distance, and both front and back doors open to have good ventilation; Customers and players will be asked to bring their vaccination pass, and wear masks all the time. Thanks.
11 Jan, 2022 We want to thank you for being with Baydragon for the year 2021 a difficult year for most of us. Baydragon hopes everyone enjoyed a well deserved holiday break, let's welcome year 2022 and face it. Happy New Year!
24 Dec, 2021 We wish this Christmas brings luck to you and me, everyone! We shall soon no worries about virus and can freely enjoy everyday life.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Baydragon close on Christmas and 1st January, but open as normal on the rest.
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