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06 Apr, 2020 For each player who preorders a full display of Ikoria from Baydragon, He/She will be provided one of the codes below. The code redeems for digital items in Magic Arena and will be a great way for players to show off that they supported their local game store!

Each code redeems for the following:

Deluxe Champion Trophy Pet
Mana Vault Exquisite Card Sleeve
Serra the Benevolent Avatar
25 Mar, 2020 Our store closed for 4 weeks in response to State Level 4 emergency alert. Orders placed through this web site will be packed and be sent as soon as possible. Thanks, and be well.
30 Jan, 2020 We are expecting to receive our brawl decks this week. we will send back orders of brawl decks as soon asap. Thanks
04 Dec, 2019 Throne of Eldrain Collector Booster is only $30 each. Limited time only Collector Booster
28 Apr, 2019 Our events are now listed in calendar style. Events
28 Apr, 2019 Magic War of Spark singles shall be available for ordering tomorrow (Monday).
28 Apr, 2019 Yugioh Dark Neostorm singles is available for ordering.
26 Feb, 2019 Your Baydragon, your platform, here is how.
Baydragon will separate store management and event management. When you sign up to run events at Baydragon, you own the events - you prompt / run events, have total control of them. you build your own brand;
You have no financial risk - you will get stock from us for near cost price, and you can get them before each event ends. You do not need pre-purchase the stock in front.
Its a good chance for those who have the passion, skills and confident, to create leading Events in Auckland.
This invitation opens to everyone including those we did not meet before.
My contact details: ph 02040850595
04 Jan, 2019 received these lands today: volcanic island, underground sea, scrubland, badlands, bayou, plateau, savannah, tundra, tropical island and taiga
30 Dec, 2018 Waiting List feature has just been added. for each individual card and any item, you are now able to put them to your "waiting list" that you can track what you are after and be notified when we have them in stock.
21 Dec, 2018 As we wrap up the year, we wish you all a great and safe Christmas. We would like to thank you for your conversation, friendship and kind help throughout 2018.

Baydragon Stores will close on 25, 26th of Dec, and 1st and 2nd of Jan 2019.

Merry Christmas everyone!
18 Dec, 2018 We shall receive Key Forge tomorrow. 18th Dec 2018
03 Dec, 2018 We are adding "Waiting List" feature. You shall be able to add the items that we do not have or you do not want to buy to the waiting list ...
16 Oct, 2018 System upgrade completed. Thanks
15 Oct, 2018 System upgrade tomorrow morning, shall back up before mid day. Thanks
19 Sep, 2018 We shall have more yugioh singles available from next set.
03 Aug, 2018 Our blockhouse bay store will be closed after 5th Aug 2018. The building will be rebuilt. We may reopen a flash hobby store once it is finished.
25 May, 2018 Please try our new feature Search Multiple Cards
26 Apr, 2018 Please try our new Today's Specials
07 Apr, 2018 Yugi & Kaiba Collection Box only $40 for a limited time.
28 Mar, 2018 Was sent 30 BUY-A-BOX Ixalan - Treasure Chest packs. so a treasure chest when buying any Magic booster box while stock last.
31 Jan, 2018 This web site will buy and sell Dragon Ball Super single cards soon.
22 Dec, 2017 One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you. We appreciate your business and wish you the very best in the coming new year.

Baydragon Blockhouse Bay Store closed 25/12 - 12/01; Baydragon Botany Store closed on 25, 26/12 and 1, 2 of Jan.

For any enquiries during this time, please call me on 02040850595 or email
01 Dec, 2017 A drop down as hints when you search Single Cards has been added. Please contact us if there is anything wrong. Thanks
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