19 Jun 2021, Tai Toki-Rogers
Only want 1 Wilderness reclamation not 2. Can there be a summary during the steps so we don't accidentally it the wrong quality?

15 Mar 2020, Roy Kim
This is not an feedback but can I buy the singles I want in-store?

03 Sep 2019, KingVegeta
Hey guys was wondering if u are going to do preorders for Draft Box 4 Dragon Ball Super. Which surposably comes out later this month. ?? It contains new cards and reprints. Incase u weren't aware. I am very interested. Cheers Mark

06 Aug 2019, Mattyjbel
Hey, Just wanted to let you know the cards I ordered arrived. Luckily the snow did not get them here in Dunedin, as the post did not put them where specified. Overall thanks for fast delivery and good quality cards.

23 Apr 2019, Merearihi
I really enjoy your website, however I would like if you could take off items to buy that are NOT in stock. It's very frustrating to click on an item and it reveal that it isn't in stock or if you can't take off the item, please at least display on the list if it is in stock or not. Thank you. :)

16 Jan 2017, baboom23
Hey, love your service. One minor issue I thought I would let you know. I paid for a signature delivery with my last order (NZ courier) and it was left in my letterbox, signed for by the courier driver. I don't hold baydragon accountable at all but I just thought I would let you know as the shipping is at an extra cost and I'm sure you want your goods to reach their intended target hassle free. I was lucky that I had someone home to grab the parcel from my letterbox (out of sight from home windows) but if I didn't it could have possibly been stolen. Thanks, Ben

16 Dec 2016, CynderFallNZ
I ordered a few cards a couple days and was very impressed with how quickly they arrived - within 2 days of ordering them! Also very pleased with how they were packaged as I was worried about the wet weather getting through the package and into the cards. But the cards were packaged well in a plastic bag and wrapped in cardboard. I also really appreciate some of the rare cards coming in sleeves to protect them. Overall very pleased with the fast service and steps taken to ensure cards are not ruined during delivery. Definitely gained a life long customer!

05 Oct 2016, Eleven
I LOVE you guys and your service! Defiantly my go to site for MTG cards and packs! 10/10 Any booster boxes of older sets in stock that arent listed on the site or are but listed as out of stock?

23 Sep 2016, ChesW
Would be great to have an 'in stock' tab, which we can click and shows all the Pokemon items that you currently have 'in stock'.

18 Jul 2016, Leo
Hi, I was just wondering how to request for an item that's sold out. I read through the 'FAQ' and could'nt find a button that lead me to request for a 'sold out' product. Do you think you could send me instructions or a tutorial? Thanks! Kind Regards Leo

06 Jan 2016, CHARIZARD
What do you have to have to be able to join a prerelease

14 Nov 2015, Jayvia Sull
Can you change your delivery options??

11 Nov 2015, snap-Dragon
can you pleas get the battle for zendikar event decks in thanks

14 Sep 2015, little_john
I recently purchased a Pokemon Roaring Skies booster box from your site. But upon receiving the package, and after the plastic sheeting was removed we noticed that I had been sent an Ancient Origins Booster Box..... From what I can understand, that since we've opened the box I can't return it? (I'm Wellington based) Really guttered as this was a gift for my nephew who opened it a few minutes ago, and happens to have a complete Ancient Origins collection. Please ensure that for future reference the correct product is sent out. Thanks.

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