Event: Forbidden Light League Cup
Date: 16 Jun 2018
Detail: League Cup will be held at Baydragon Botany Store on 16th June, Saturday. It is a good opportunity to earn Championship Points and practice your skills for larger competitions.

It is requirement that players complete the deck list that is to be collected during the round one. Players are required to bring a 60 card deck with only cards legal in the Standard Format.

The League Cup is to be run with both Swiss and Single Elimination rounds. Each Swiss round will be best 2 out 3 (Match Play) and will be 45 mins in length.

Arrive after registration receives a first round loss.

Venue: Baydragon Botany Store
Date: 30/6/2018
Time: 11am
Entry fee: $20
Prize: Championship Points and Playmats etc from (to be updated upon receiving them). plus

Pokemon booster prize:
Master group:
1st: 24 boosters
2nd: 10 boosters
3rd and 4th: 4 boosters each

Senior and Juinor group:
1st: 8 booster packs
2nd: 6 booster packs
3rd and 4th: 4 packs each

rest: 3 booster packs each

This is based on 30 players entered, and according to the actual number of masters, senior and junior players the prize pool for the groups will be re-calculated.

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