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Pokemon Sun & Moon Lost Thunder Entai Theme Deck

Release Date 02 Nov 2018
Price: NZ$25.00

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Travel to the forested hills, where the fragrance of incense from ancient shrines and the sparks of high voltage Pokemon fill the air! The Sun & Moon-Lost Thunder expansion fuses the new with the traditional, featuring Celebi and Ditto, plus Blacephalon-GX, Lugia-GX, Tyranitar-GX, and the newest Mythical Pokemon, Zeraora-GX! Call down the big thunder and charge up your deck with the high-powered Pokemon in the Sun & Moon-Lost Thunder expansion!

Pre-release Date:
27/10/2018(Sat) at Botany Baydragon Shop
28/10/2018(Sun) at Botany Baydragon Shop


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