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TOYGER Webcam Stand
TOYGER?s Webcam Stand is the perfect product for aspiring webcam and remote play gamers. It pairs perfectly with the TOYGER Webcam?s themselves. You can find the link to the 4K and Full-HD webcams at the bottom of this description.

Key features of the TOYGER Webcam Stand:
? Easily maneuverable: Camera position can be adjusted easily and precisely with one hand. You can move the stand away with one hand easily when you?re not playing and reset when necessary to resume playing.
? The webcam can be attached by screws, meaning that there is no need to adjust the camera direction each time you setup.
? Webcam is firmly positioned above your playmat for a clear image of your cards. Stand is designed to not get in the way of your monitor making remote play exceptionally comfortable.
? Holds 1.5kg of weight, made with metal, and uses a 1/4 size screw.

Link to TOYGER Webcam 4K: /product/toyger-webcam-full-hd/
Link to TOYGER Webcam Full-HD: /product/toyger-webcam-4k/