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Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 Display (GB-02)
Pre-order,  Release on 25 Nov
Digimon Card Game Gift Box 2 Display (GB-02)
A first for the Digimon Card Game, each product comes with an acrylic stand featuring Digimon characters and gameplay markers to keep track of Keywords, DP (Digimon Power) changes, and more!
1 of 4 character designs! (Only 1 gameplay marker type)
Draconic Roar- [EX-03] boosters, available before the regular hobby shop release (*subject to change).
Gift Box 2022 is the perfect holiday item for Digimon Card Game fans!
Boosters feature tons of Dragon-type Digimon that will enhance players decks.
Each box comes with 1 of 4 previously released promo cards, reprinted with a new alternate design! Each card is random, and players will want to collect them all


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