Welcome to Rathe (Unlimited)
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  Welcome to Rathe Booster Display (Unlimited) Pack
In Stock 10+, Just In, Ship twice a day
Welcome to Rathe Booster Display (Unlimited)
In Stock 10+, Just In, Ship twice a day
  Welcome to Rathe Booster (Unlimited) 2 Displays + 1 buy a box promo
In Stock 3, Ship twice a day
  Welcome to Rathe Booster Case (Unlimited) (x 4 Displays) + 2 babox
In Stock 5, Ship twice a day
Welcome to Rathe (Unlimited)
The major differences between the Unlimited Edition and Alpha Print/First Edition versions of Welcome to Rathe and Arcane Rising booster sets respectively are as follows:
• Rainbow Foil replaces Cold Foils
• All cards that could appear as a Cold Foil now appear as a Rainbow Foil
• Improvements to color and card wording
• Rarity icons added as introduced with Crucible of War
• Unlimited Edition Packaging Icon
• Unlimited Edition booster displays and packs are adorned with the red
• UNLIMITED flag for ease of recognition.
• Unlimited Editions have new barcodes and SKU.


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