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  Cardfight Vanguard G: Prismatic Divas Clan Booster (G-CB05)
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  Cardfight Vanguard G: Prismatic Divas Clan Booster Box (G-CB05)
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Cardfight Vanguard G: Prismatic Divas Clan (G-CB05)
It's time to raise the curtains on the [Prismatic Divas] Clan Booster!

The illustrations of these cute mermaids are ever so popular! This booster marks the exclusive «Bermuda Triangle» yearly appearance! A new theme and many popular mermaids with new, reimagined illustrations are featured for this release!

Furthermore, all SP cards feature the swimsuit illustrations of the units! The popular SP Clan pack will feature in this product too!

New Theme: "Chouchou"- A powerful new theme "Chouchou" deck can be constructed together with the [Debut of the Divas]Trial Deck released on the same day!

Set Details:
60 types of cards [57 new cards / 3 reissue cards] (GR: 2 / RRR: 7 / RR: 10 / R: 18 / C: 23) + SP: 16 [16 Parallel] + Special Reissue: 3 (+ SP: 49 [From SP Clan Pack]). ?White? and? Black? versions of the illustration exist for some cards.(Same card name and ability).

NOTE: The main release for this product will include special PR card(s). (not available for pre-sale product). This release will not include a Sneak Preview release.

Configuration: 7 Random Cards per Pack (Every pack will definitely be an R or above card!!).


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