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DBS Series 8 Malicious Machinations
the second set in the Infinite Unity Block Malicious Machinations!

The theme of this set revolves around the strongest warriors created by the scientists of the Dragon Ball world: The Androids, created by Dr. Gero; Baby, created by Dr. Myuu; Hatchhyack, created by Dr. Lychee; and lastly, Dr. Uiro himself! On the side of the good guys, we have genius scientist Bulma with her first Leader Card!

This concept is also brought to life in the set's booster pack design! Take a look!

We also have a surprise in store for all you DRAGON BALL FighterZ fans out there; Android 21 makes her debut in Series 8! Her card effects reflect her special moves quite well, and we hope you look forward to seeing more as we reveal her new cards later on!


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