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One Piece Card Game: TBA Booster Case[OP-09]
Pre-order,  Release on 13 Dec
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One Piece Card Game: TBA Booster [OP-09]
The OP-09 booster pack commemorates the 2nd Anniversary! The cards included in the OP-09 release are more luxuriously designed than ever before, making them irresistible additions to any ONE PIECE fan's collection.

The new Four Emperors take the helm in this OP-09! Luffy and Buggy finally appear alongside Shanks and teach as the new Four Emperors! Many ONE PIECE ODYSSEY-themed cards also make their debut in this pack, offering players new strategic possibilities.

Players can use the new cards to strengthen a wide variety of existing decks! What's more, decks built around the new cards are powerful enough to give newcomers a chance to compete with experience players.

Rarities: There are 127 card types

Leader x6
Common x45
Uncommon x30
Rare x26
Super Rare x10
Secret Rare x2
Special Card x6
Treasure Rare x1
DON!! Card x1
1 Pack includes 12 cards
1 Display includes 24 packs