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One Piece Card Game Two Legends Booster [OP-08]
For OP-08, Dr. Kureha and Dr. Hiriluk from the Drum Kingdom Arc, and Carrot and Wanda from the Zou Arc appear! The Whitebeard Pirates also appear as blue, the Big Mom Pirates as purple, and the Animal Kingdom Pirates as black, which opens up a host of new strategies.

The red-black Tony Tony.Chopper, red-blue Marco, and more Characters become Leaders for the first time! Leader cards are also reborn with new effects, such as the purple-black King.

These new Booster Packs are loaded with cards that can strengthen various decks. The Packs can also be used as the foundation for decks, allowing newcomers to quickly catch up to experienced players!

1 Pack includes 12 cards
1 Display includes 24 packs

Rarities: There are 127 card types

Leader x6
Common x45
Uncommon x30
Rare x26
Super Rare x10
SPecial Card x6
Treasure Rare x1
DON!! Card x1