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UFS Penny Arcade - Battle Box
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UFS Penny Arcade
Choose your fighter from the mega-hit web comic Penny Arcade: the capricious prankster, Gabe, or the malevolent super-genius, Tycho. What you hold in your hands is the Penny Arcade Card Game from Sabertooth Games. Re-enact their ferocious - and comic - battle for "the Watch." Sit down wwith a friend, choose your character, and play out the hilarious battle with attacks and moves inspired by the comic. Contained within are two sixty card decks in high quality deck boxes, containing everything you need to sit down and play immediately, including special vitality counters. The cards feature all new art and falvor text from the creators of the webcomic, Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. The Penny Arcade Card Game is also fully compatible, and tournament legal, with the Universal Fighting System (UFS) Collectible Card Game by Sabertooth Games, allowing you to face Gabe and Tycho off against an ever expanding pantheon of your favorite fighter game characters.


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