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Dragonball Z - Awakening (2016) Booster
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Dragonball Z - Awakening (2016) Booster Box
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Dragonball Z - Awakening (2016)
Six brand-new starter decks - play as the most popular heroes and villains from Dragon Ball Z with these pre-constructed decks! Booster packs contain more than 140 exclusive cards including two powerful Ultra Rare cards. Gohan transforms into Super Saiyan 2, bring a new pinnacle of power to the DBZ universe!

Booster packs feature more than 140 brand-new cards that provide players with powerful tools for each deck type. Look for Ultra Rares (every other box, on average) and Dragon Rares (1 per box, on average) that pack the ultimate punch and also bring back some popular cards from older sets.


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