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Yu-Gi-Oh! Kings Court Booster Pack
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  Yu-Gi-Oh! Kings Court Booster Case (x12)
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Kings Court
The King of Games shall see you now! Kings Court revitalizes Yugis Three Musketeers of Face Cards Kings Knight, Queens Knight, and Jacks Knight with a new high-speed Summoning strategy that always leaves you with a full hand!
Joining the royal court is the World Premiere Joker's Knight, a 2000 ATK monster similar to Magician's Souls that can assume the identity of all 3 of the Knights.
King's Court also has new cards to help out a wide variety of Decks you might have started building in 2021, including new cards related to Deck strategies and themes introduced or supported in Legendary Duelists: Season 2, Lightning Overdrive, and more!
Be on the look out for Collector's Rare versions of World Premiere cards and previously unreleased cards from Japan as well as classic and competitive favorites!


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