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  Name Rarity Type Stamp Condition Price Onhand Buy
Blood of the Dracai Fabled UPR000 Near Mint NZ$756.34 1
Tiger Stripe Shuko Legendary UPR158 Near Mint NZ$284.15 1
Erase Face Majestic UPR187 Near Mint NZ$54.00 1
Flamecall Awakening (Extended Art) Common UPR096 Near Mint NZ$18.43 2
  (foil) Uprising Majestic UPR088 Near Mint NZ$14.22 1
Stoke the Flames (Extended Art) Common UPR100 Near Mint NZ$13.50 2
Phoenix Form Majestic UPR048 Near Mint NZ$12.42 1
That All You Got? Majestic UPR189 Near Mint NZ$10.80 1
Uprising Majestic UPR088 Near Mint NZ$9.00 1
  (foil) Channel the Bleak Expanse Majestic UPR138 Near Mint NZ$8.98 1
Frost Hex Majestic UPR126 Near Mint NZ$7.20 1
Channel the Bleak Expanse Majestic UPR138 Near Mint NZ$5.38 1
Freezing Point Majestic UPR105 Near Mint NZ$4.48 1
Encase Majestic UPR104 Near Mint NZ$3.60 1
  (foil) Ice Eternal Rare UPR109 Near Mint NZ$2.68 1
Tome of Duplicity Majestic UPR168 Near Mint NZ$2.66 1
  (foil) Strategic Planning (Red) Rare UPR200 Near Mint NZ$1.35 1
Invoke Kyloria // Kyloria Rare UPR011 Near Mint NZ$0.61 1
Invoke Cromai // Cromai Rare UPR010 Near Mint NZ$0.58 3
Invoke Azvolai // Azvolai Rare UPR009 Near Mint NZ$0.54 3
Soaring Strike (Red) Common UPR081 Near Mint NZ$0.54 2
Oasis Respite (Yellow) Common UPR222 Near Mint NZ$0.54 2
Singe (Blue) Common UPR181 Near Mint NZ$0.54 2
Invoke Ouvia // Ouvia Rare UPR014 Near Mint NZ$0.54 1
Mounting Anger (Red) Rare UPR054 Near Mint NZ$0.52 1
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