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  Name Type Stamp Rarity Condition Price Onhand Buy
  (foil) Autumn's Touch (Blue) ELE130 Common Near Mint NZ$1.13 2
Awakening ELE006 Majestic Near Mint NZ$5.25 1
  (foil) Ball Lightning (Yellow) ELE187 Common Near Mint NZ$1.16 2
Biting Gale (Blue) ELE009 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.45 3
Biting Gale (Red) ELE007 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.45 1
Biting Gale (Yellow) ELE008 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.38 1
Blink ELE176 Majestic Near Mint NZ$4.08 1
Blizzard ELE147 Majestic Near Mint NZ$10.13 2
  (foil) Blizzard Bolt (Red) ELE044 Common Near Mint NZ$1.47 1
Blossoming Spellblade ELE064 Majestic Near Mint NZ$3.00 3
Bolt'n Shot (Blue) ELE218 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.43 2
Bolt'n Shot (Yellow) ELE217 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.41 3
  (foil) Bramble Spark (Blue) ELE087 Common Near Mint NZ$0.71 1
  (foil) Break Ground (Red) ELE131 Common Near Mint NZ$0.52 1
  (foil) Break Ground (Yellow) ELE132 Common Near Mint NZ$0.74 1
  (foil) Burgeoning (Yellow) ELE135 Common Near Mint NZ$0.54 2
Channel Lake Frigid ELE146 Majestic Near Mint NZ$15.00 1
  (foil) Channel Mount Heroic ELE117 Majestic Near Mint NZ$16.52 1
  (foil) Chilling Icevein (Yellow) ELE051 Common Near Mint NZ$0.66 1
Cold Wave (Blue) ELE040 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.47 2
Cold Wave (Red) ELE038 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.45 2
  (foil) Cold Wave (Yellow) ELE039 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.73 2
  (foil) Earthlore Surge (Blue) ELE139 Common Near Mint NZ$0.81 1
  (foil) Electrify (Blue) ELE200 Common Near Mint NZ$1.50 2
  (foil) Electrify (Red) ELE198 Common Near Mint NZ$1.37 1
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