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  Name Type Stamp Rarity Condition Price Onhand Buy
  Battlefield Blitz (Blue) MON038 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.78 1
  Battlefield Blitz (Yellow) MON037 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.59 3
  Blasmophet, the Soul Harvester // Ursur, the Soul Reaper MON219 / MON220 Token Near Mint NZ$3.26 2
  Boltyn // Hatchet of Body MON030 // MON105 Token Near Mint NZ$0.90 5
  Boltyn // Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn MON030 // MON029 Token Near Mint NZ$1.56 4
  Captain's Call (Blue) MON262 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.13 2
  Captain's Call (Red) MON260 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.59 1
  Captain's Call (Yellow) MON261 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.91 2
  Chane // Chane, Bound by Shadow MON154 // MON153 Token Near Mint NZ$3.12 5
  Chane // Galaxxi Black MON154 // MON155 Token Near Mint NZ$0.75 6
  Consuming Aftermath (Red) MON195 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.99 2
  Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell (Blue) MON134 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.35 2
  Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell (Red) MON132 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.14 1
  Convulsions from the Bellows of Hell (Yellow) MON133 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.03 3
  Deep Rooted Evil MON123 Majestic Near Mint NZ$6.95 1
  Dimenxxional Gateway (Blue) MON164 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.34 2
  Dimenxxional Gateway (Red) MON162 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.41 3
  Dimenxxional Gateway (Yellow) MON163 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.10 2
  Dusk Path Pilgrimage (Blue) MON112 Rare Near Mint NZ$2.28 5
  Dusk Path Pilgrimage (Red) MON110 Rare Near Mint NZ$2.33 4
  (foil) Dusk Path Pilgrimage (Red) MON110 Rare Near Mint NZ$9.24 1
  Dusk Path Pilgrimage (Yellow) MON111 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.82 1
  Endless Maw (Blue) MON128 Rare Near Mint NZ$2.36 2
  Endless Maw (Yellow) MON127 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.41 4
  Exude Confidence MON245 Majestic Near Mint NZ$27.63 1
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