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Cardfight Vanguard overDress: Touken Ranbu ONLINE 2021 Title (Preorder)
Cardfight Vanguard overDress: Mirei Minae, Sealed Blaze Maiden Start Deck (Preorder)
D-BT03 Advance of Intertwined Stars Booster (Preorder)
Vanguard - VS01/02 V Clan Collection Vol.1/2 Special Series (Preorder)

Vanguard V: Special Series Revival Selection (Just Released)
D-BT02 A Brush with the Legends
D-SS01 Festival Collection 2021
Vanguard OverDress Starters

Cardfight Vanguard V Twinkle Melody VGEVEB15
V-SS06 Valiant Sanctuary Special Expansion Set V
Blaster Blade "His Highness" VMC Mini Sleeve
Cardfight Vanguard V: Divine Lightning Radiance

Cardfight Vanguard V: Storm of the Blue Cavalry Booster Box
Cardfight Vanguard V: Phantom Dragon Aeon Booster Box
Cardfight Vanguard V: Special Series Festival Collection
Cardfight Vanguard V: Special Series Colorful Pastorale Supply Gift Set

My Glorious Justice Sneak Peek Playmat
Q4 Sneak Peek Playmat
BT14 Divine Dragon Apocrgpha Playmat
Demonic Advent Playmat

GEB03 - Cardfight Vanguard G: The GALAXY STAR GATE Extra Booster , Singles Avail
the Reckless Rampage Playmat
Vanguard Mystical Magus (EB07)

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