Name Set Rarity Stamp Condition Price Onhand Buy
(foil, promo) SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect (Player's Choice) DBS Promo Packs Promo P-219 PR Near Mint NZ$90.00 1
(foil, promo) Launch, Feminine Wiles DBS Promo Packs Promo P-274 PR Near Mint NZ$74.97 1
(foil, promo) Broly, Astonishing Potential DBS Promo Packs Promo P-248 PR Near Mint NZ$73.50 1
(promo) Masked Saiyan, Brainwashed No More DBS Promo Packs Promo P-263 PR Near Mint NZ$60.00 1
(foil, promo) Son Goku, Spirited Contender DBS Promo Packs Uncommon DB2-065 Near Mint NZ$39.00 1
(foil, promo) Frieza // Mecha Frieza, Resurrected Monarch DBS Promo Packs Promo P-265 PR Near Mint NZ$39.98 1
  (promo) Goku Black, Unforeseen Darkness (Expansion Set 4/5 Sealed Tournament) DBS Promo Packs Common P-124 Near Mint NZ$26.80 6
(foil, promo) Universe 4, Assemble! DBS Promo Packs Uncommon DB2-031 Near Mint NZ$24.70 1
  Baby, Juvenile Parasite DBS Boost Ultimate Squad UW8 B17 Super Rare bt17-004 Near Mint NZ$28.03 1
(foil, promo) Dimension Control Demigra DBS Promo Packs Promo P-048 PR Near Mint NZ$22.50 1
Boujack, On a Rampage DBS Promo Packs Super Rare BT13-046 Near Mint NZ$23.98 1
(foil, promo) Energetic Outburst Kale DBS Promo Packs Uncommon DB2-038 Near Mint NZ$18.20 1
(foil) Bardock, the Progenitor Dragon Ball Super Colossal Warfare (B04) Super Rare BT4-073 Near Mint NZ$16.79 1
Frieza, Invader from Another Dimension DBS Promo Packs Super Rare BT13-063 Near Mint NZ$14.29 1
(promo) Cooler, Effortless Strike DBS Promo Packs Super Rare BT13-073 Near Mint NZ$10.83 1
SS Son Goku, the Legend Personified Unison Warrior Series 13 UW4 Supreme Rivalry Super Rare BT13-012 Near Mint NZ$10.01 1
(promo) Fatherly Love Saves the Day (Pre-Release) Dragon Ball Super Card Game B06 Common BT6-104 Near Mint NZ$10.44 1
(promo) X. S. Cash, the Gazillionaire (Pre-release) Dragon Ball Super Card Game B06 Common BT6-092 Near Mint NZ$7.00 1
(promo) Trunks, Neverending Justice DBS Promo Packs Rare p-235 Near Mint NZ$7.00 1
(foil) Syn Shenron, Negative Energy Incarnate DBS Promo Packs Promo P-232 SCR Near Mint NZ$7.43 2
(foil, promo) Cold Bloodlust DBS Promo Packs Common BT1-107 Near Mint NZ$7.04 1
Tapion, Calamity Challenger (SPR) DBS Unison Warrior Series 14 UW5 Cross Spirits Rare bt14-050 Near Mint NZ$7.06 1
  Android 16, Limit Disengaged DBS Unison Warrior Series 14 UW5 Cross Spirits Super Rare bt14-149 Near Mint NZ$7.18 1
  (foil, promo) Towa, Dimension Leaper DBS Promo Packs Promo BT7-106 R Near Mint NZ$5.84 1
  (promo) SS Broly, Unforeseen Force (Expansion 4/5 Sealed Tournament) DBS Promo Packs Common P-125 PR Near Mint NZ$5.20 11
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