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  Name Type Stamp Rarity Condition Price Onhand Buy
(foil) Boujack, Agent of Destruction Battle BT6-124 Destruction Rare Near Mint NZ$1.82 1
  (foil) Commander Red, Head of the RR Army BT6-113 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.54 1
  (foil) Display of Power Son Gohan Battle BT6-083 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.69 1
  (foil) Energy Barrage Frieza BT6-059 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.54 1
(promo) Fatherly Love Saves the Day (Pre-Release) BT6-104 Common Near Mint NZ$10.44 1
(promo) Fearless Assault Krillin (Pre-Release) BT6-089 Common Near Mint NZ$53.98 1
(promo) Godstrike Beerus (Pre-Release) BT6-057 Common Near Mint NZ$32.40 1
  (foil) Gogeta, Unparalleled Fusion Warrior BT6-015 Rare Near Mint NZ$2.16 2
  (foil) Harmonic Energy SSB Vegeta BT6-007 Uncommon Near Mint NZ$6.30 1
  (foil) Hercule, the Champion BT6-087 Common Near Mint NZ$1.44 1
  (foil) Janemba, Agent of Destruction (DR) BT6-121 Rare Near Mint NZ$7.70 1
  (foil) Majin Buu, the Intensifying Evil Battle BT6-043 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.54 1
  (foil) Preemptive Strike SSG Vegeta BT6-008 Common Near Mint NZ$13.99 1
  (foil) Son Goku, Guardian Angel BT6-081 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.56 1
(foil) Son Goku, the Adventure Begins BT6-107 Super Rare Near Mint NZ$8.12 1
  (foil) Space Pirate Zangya BT6-097 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.54 1
  (foil) Speedy Entrance Cheelai Battle BT6-071 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.42 1
  (foil) Speedy Partner Lemo Battle BT6-072 Rare Near Mint NZ$0.42 1
  (foil) SS3 Son Goku, Pushing Forward BT6-029 Uncommon Near Mint NZ$1.25 1
(promo) SSB Gogeta, Fusion's Pinnacle P-093 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.26 5
  (foil) Super Dragon Balls | Super Shenron, the Almighty BT6-106 Uncommon Near Mint NZ$3.42 1
(promo) Support Attack Son Goten (Pre-Release) BT6-006 Common Near Mint NZ$32.40 1
(promo) Tragic Awakening (Pre-Release) BT6-077 Common Near Mint NZ$25.20 1
  (foil) Veku, Contents Under Pressure Battle BT6-012 Rare Near Mint NZ$1.11 1
  (foil) X. S. Cash, the Gazillionaire BT6-092 Common Near Mint NZ$0.42 1
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