Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Duelist... 46 Singles
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  Name Rarity Level Attr Cond Price Onhand Buy
  Forbidden Droplet Ultra Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN056 Near Mint NZ$106.18 2
  Fish Sonar Ultra Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN020 Near Mint NZ$21.51 1
  Seventh Ascension Ultra Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN006 Near Mint NZ$5.85 2
  Ocean Dragon Lord - Kairyu-Shin Ultra Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN017 Near Mint NZ$3.28 2
  Mega Fortress Whale Ultra Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN016 Near Mint NZ$1.58 2
  Crystal Shark Super Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN002 Near Mint NZ$1.33 3
  Doom Kraken Super Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN018 Near Mint NZ$1.28 4
  Number 106: Giant Hand Super Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN053 Near Mint NZ$1.26 2
  CXyz N.As.Ch. Knight Super Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN004 Near Mint NZ$0.72 3
  N.As.H. Knight Super Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN003 Near Mint NZ$0.63 2
  Bahamut Shark Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN011 Near Mint NZ$0.61 3
  Barian's Chaos Draw Super Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN005 Near Mint NZ$0.47 6
  Marincess Coral Anemone Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN041 Near Mint NZ$0.45 3
  Marincess Sleepy Maiden Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN032 Near Mint NZ$0.45 3
  Torrential Tribute Common 1st Edition LED9-EN029 Near Mint NZ$0.45 4
  Kairyu-Shin's Dark Reef Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN022 Near Mint NZ$0.43 3
  Marincess Bubble Ring Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN037 Near Mint NZ$0.43 3
  Sea Stealth II Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN021 Near Mint NZ$0.43 3
  Marincess Circulation Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN036 Near Mint NZ$0.41 3
  Levia-Dragon - Daedalus Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN047 Near Mint NZ$0.32 3
  Seventh Eternity Rare 1st Edition LED9-EN007 Near Mint NZ$0.32 3
  Rage of Kairyu-Shin Common 1st Edition LED9-EN027 Near Mint NZ$0.31 4
  Silent Angler Common 1st Edition LED9-EN008 Near Mint NZ$0.29 4
  Fury of Kairyu-Shin Common 1st Edition LED9-EN028 Near Mint NZ$0.29 4
  Marincess Blue Tang Common 1st Edition LED9-EN051 Near Mint NZ$0.29 4
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