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  Name Mana Cost Type Power Rarity Condition Price Onhand Buy
Allosaurus Rider Rare Near Mint NZ$1.55 1
Archetype of Endurance Uncommon Near Mint NZ$2.10 1
Aurelia's Fury Mythic Near Mint NZ$2.24 3
Balduvian Rage Uncommon Near Mint NZ$0.75 1
Balefire Liege Rare Near Mint NZ$3.75 4
Blasting Station Uncommon Near Mint NZ$5.00 2
Blighted Agent Common Near Mint NZ$2.46 3
Boundless Realms Rare Near Mint NZ$3.66 1
  Braid of Fire Rare Near Mint NZ$11.25 1
Bramblewood Paragon Uncommon Near Mint NZ$1.05 2
Burning Inquiry Common Near Mint NZ$2.82 4
Celestial Kirin Rare Near Mint NZ$0.81 1
Changeling Hero Uncommon Near Mint NZ$0.59 5
Chimney Imp Common Near Mint NZ$0.38 2
  Codex Shredder Uncommon Near Mint NZ$0.69 1
Conspiracy Rare Near Mint NZ$4.11 2
Council Guardian Uncommon Near Mint NZ$0.45 2
Delay Uncommon Near Mint NZ$7.85 4
Drogskol Captain Uncommon Near Mint NZ$0.75 1
Echoing Decay Common Near Mint NZ$0.74 3
Eidolon of Rhetoric Uncommon Near Mint NZ$1.03 4
Fiery Gambit Rare Near Mint NZ$1.23 2
Flamekin Harbinger Uncommon Near Mint NZ$2.36 5
Form of the Dragon Rare Near Mint NZ$0.77 2
Frozen Aether Uncommon Near Mint NZ$2.10 1
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