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06 Oct, 2021 We shall receive Hololive trial decks later this week or early next week.
26 Sep, 2021 In lockdown level 3, you can order on and pick it up from our store straight away - do not need be the second day. You have options to pay online (afterpay, laybuy, visa or bank deposit) or pay in store contactless.
26 Sep, 2021 As Auckland moves to level 3, baydragon will re-open the store from tomorrow (wed). We offer click and collect.

> You order on and pay it by laybuy, afterpay, credit card or bank deposit.
> Pick up your order from Baydragon Store at Botany Junction Shopping Centre on the same day. The store opens from 11am to 6pm
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Digimon Card Game Tamers Evolution Box 2 (Preorder)
Digimon Card Game Series 07 Next Adventure BT07 (Preorder)
Digimon Series 06 Starter 07 Gallantmon (Preorder)
Digimon 06 Starter Display 08 Ulforce Veedramon (Preorder)
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Collector's Selection Vol.2 (Preorder)
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Series Boost UW7 Booster Display B16 (Preorder)
DBS Series Boost UW6 (Preorder)
DBS UW2 Booster Display Vermilion Bloodline second edition (Preorder)
Tales of Aria Unlimited Edition (Preorder)
Tales of Aria Blitz Deck
Tales of Aria 1st Edition , Singles Avail
Tales of Aria Pre-release
MetaZoo TCG Nightfall Spellbook (Preorder)
MetaZoo TCG: Nightfall Booster (Preorder)
MetaZoo TCG: Nightfall Blister (Preorder)
MetaZoo TCG: Nightfall Release Event Box (Preorder)
Playmat: MTG- Mana 7 (Preorder)
Deckbox: PRO 100+ MTG- Mana 7 (Preorder)
Deck Protectors: MTG- Mana 7 (Preorder)
Deckbox: MTG Alcove Flip- Mana 7 (Preorder)
Binder: PRO 9/12 -Pocket MTG Zippered- Mana 7- Color Wheel (Preorder)
Magic Innistrad Crimson Vow Bundle (Preorder)
Magic Innistrad: Crimson Vow Gift Bundle (Preorder)
Magic Innistrad Crimson Vow Set (Preorder)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Synchro Storm Booster (Preorder)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Brothers of Legend Booster (Preorder)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Gold El Dorado (Preorder)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Burst of Destiny (Preorder)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Cyber Strike Structure Deck (Just Released)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Tin of Ancient Battles 2021 , Singles Avail
Yu-Gi-Oh! Egyptian God Accessories
Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn of Majesty Booster , Singles Avail
Yu-Gi-Oh! Kings Court , Singles Avail
YGO Yugi's Legendary Deck Reprint
Yu-Gi-Oh! Egyptian God Structure Deck
Yu-Gi-Oh! Lightning Overdrive , Singles Avail
Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Fusion Strike Elite Trainer Box (Preorder)
Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Fusion Strike (Preorder)
Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Pikachu V-UNION Special Collection (Preorder)
Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Collections (Lance's Charizard V/Dark Sylveon V) (Preorder)
Pokmon TCG: Celebrations Premium Figure Collection Pikachu VMAX (Preorder)
Pokemon TCG Celebrations Elite Trainer Box , Singles Avail
Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Deluxe Pin Collection
Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Dragapult Prime Collection
Pokemon TCG Celebrations Single Pack , Singles Avail
Deck Protectors: Pokemon- Gallery Series Seaside (65ct.)
Pokemon 9-Pocket Pro-Binder: Seaside
Pokemon 9-Pocket Portfolio: Seaside
Folio 9-Pocket Album (Just Released)
Dex Zipper Binder 4 (Just Released)
Dex Binder 9 (Just Released)
Dex Binder 12 (Just Released)
Dex Zipper Binder 9 (Just Released)
LPG Penny Sleeves (Just Released)
LPG Graded Team Bag (Just Released)
LPG Resealable Team Bag (Just Released)
Dragon Shield Sleeves: Perfect Fit Japanese
LPG Large Dice Bag
LPG Small Dice Bag
Dragon Shield Matte Duel Sleeves(100ct)

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