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10 Oct, 2011 Legendary Collection 2 will be available this Friday (14/10/2011). Baydragon Botany Store open later until 9.30pm on 14/10.
28 Sep, 2011 There will be more Innistrad Singles for sale.
21 Sep, 2011 Mtg Commander Decks just received. On sale now.
19 Sep, 2011 Battle Pack is on sale, while stock lasts.
01 Sep, 2011 We have sent vouchers to all customers that registered on this web site, to celebrating the opening of Baydraogn Botany shop.
11 Aug, 2011 there was power failure which lasted more than 5 hours. But everything is ok now. Thanks.
08 Aug, 2011 We are pleased to announce that baydragon is going to have a new shop at Botany Junction. It is expected to start business early Sept. To celebrate this, we are going to give 100 bonus points to everyone registered by end of this month. Cheers.
12 Jul, 2011 All orders for M12 will be sent earlier so they will reach you on the release day. Cheers.
15 Jun, 2011 as of July 1st, 2011, we will rotate to a Modified format that will include only expansions from HeartGold & SoulSilver through the most recent expansion.
07 Jun, 2011 We are now taking order of Duelist Revolution booster box. It will be available the first week of July.
04 May, 2011 buy a box of Magic The Gathering New Phyrexia booster box, get a Surgical Extraction. Limited time offer.
03 May, 2011 Rise of the Eldrzai is on sale.
22 Apr, 2011 baydragon shop will be closed on 22th, 24th, 25th and 26th of April. Sunday yugioh tournament will be still on. thanks
06 Apr, 2011 Hidden arsenal 4 is released on 15th of April.
29 Mar, 2011 Please be informed this web site is planed to have 1 hour window from 1pm on 4th of April. During this time (1pm - 2pm) it may not be accessible. thanks
26 Dec, 2010 Courier delivery during Xmas period is 29th and 30th of Dec 2010. Normal delivery starts from 5th of Jan 2011. Cheers and happy New Year.
20 Dec, 2010 We wish to thank you all for your support. We had tournaments on every weekend. Thanks for coming and playing at baydragon. we look forward to seeing you all in 2011. Our shop will close on 25 and 26 of Dec for Christmas, and 1-3 of Jan 2011. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! from baydragon team
01 Oct, 2010 baydragon will keep the same price level after October 2010 when gst is increased.
15 Sep, 2010 Hasbro NZ is looking for a few members for the demo team for Armagegeddon Oct this year. Please contact us if you are interested or want more details. Cheers.
06 Sep, 2010 Due to the devastating earthquake in Christchurch over the weekend there will be delay when the order is delivered to Christchurch. thanks.
05 Sep, 2010 Scars of Mirrodin is open for preorder. Please note we have limited fat pack for this release. It will be first in first reserved. thanks
15 Jul, 2010 M11 preorders are sent out this afternoon, so you will receive them tomorrow - release day.
08 Jul, 2010 Two YuGiOh! tournaments this weekend - 10th and 11th of July.
19 Jun, 2010 Gold Series 3 has arrived, so as the duelist tin Yellow and Purple.
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