Event: Regional Qualifier 2016
Date: 13 Feb 2016
Detail: Baydragon is proud of hosting WCQ Regional Qualifiers in Feb and March. Besides the regional qualifier playmats and deck boxes for winners, we will have latest boosters for prize include breakers of shadow, Clash of Rebellion and legendary collection 3.

13th Feb 2016 at Baydragon Botany
19th March 2016 at Baydragon Blockhouse Bay

Format: Advanced Constructed Deck list is required.

this Feburary

Date: 13th Feb
Time: 11:00 am
Entry fee: $20
Venue: Baydragon Botany Store

top 8: regional qualifier playmat
top 4: regional qualifier deck box

1st: 2 sealed booster boxes
2nd: 1 sealed booster boxe
3rd-4th: 8 boosters (or 2 boosters + a legendary collection 3)
5th-8th: 4 boosters
rest: 2 boosters (can be astral pack 8!)

We expect to hit 40 players, in which case, 2 more sealed to the prize pool.

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