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Marvel Legends Booster Pack
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Marvel Legends ( SPECIAL)
Key cards include : Berserker Rage, Body Slide, Family of Four and many more !

The most legendary Marvel heroes and villains are here and ready to face off in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil! Ever wonder which superhero would win in a fight, or what would happen if that superhero turned evil?

All of your classic questions can finally be answered in the Marvel Trading Card Game!

-This set features top Marvel characters and teams, including Spider-Man, the
X-men, Dr. Doom, and many more!
-Collect UDE points and redeem them for special Vs. System cards and accessories
-Extensive Upper Deck Organized Play programs, including Hobby League,
sanctioned tournaments, and the Pro Circuit!
-Fully compatible with all Vs. System Super Hero Trading Card Games.
-Amazing original artwork by premier Marvel artists.


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