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YuGiOh Breakers Of Shadow Booster Pack
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YuGiOh Breakers Of Shadow Box
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YuGiOh Breakers of Shadow Case
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YuGiOh Breakers of Shadow Special Edition
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YuGiOh Breakers of Shadow Special Edition Box (10units)
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YuGiOh Breakers Of Shadow
Buster Blader is back as Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster, with a mighty band of new support cards that make this iconic monster stronger than ever before! In addition to this legendary warrior, Breakers of Shadow also introduces exciting new Deck themes and strategies! The Shiranui use the strength of Samurai spirit warriors to power you through Duels, while Twilight Ninjas rely on speed and numbers to overwhelm your foes. Opponents will feel the power of the Dinomists, steam-powered Pendulum dinosaurs that can land a heavy hit when you least expect it.


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