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BUSBFEXSS04 - Buddyfight X: X Duel Chest
Buddyfight X: LVL Up! Heroes & Adventurers! Alternative
BUSBFEXBT02 - Buddyfight X: Chaos Control Crisis
Buddyfight X: Decimating Black Dragon Trial Deck

Buddyfight X: Ruler of Havoc Trial Deck
Buddyfight X: Crossing Generations Alternative
Buddyfight X: Demon Lord Dragon of Tempest Start Deck
Buddyfight X: Dragon Fielder Start Deck

Buddyfight X: The Dark Lord's Rebirth
D Special Series 3: Golden Buddy Champion Box
bfe-d-bt03 Annihilate! Great Demonic Dragon!!
BFE-D-BT02A Four Dimensions

Triple D Booser Pack Vol 2 Roar! Invincible Dragon!! bfe-d-bt02
D Booster Set Alternative 1: Buddy Rave bfe-d-bt01a
BFE-D-BT01 Unleash! Impact Dragon!!
Future Card Buddyfight Triple D Starter Deck

Mikado Evolution
Ninja Onslaught Trial Deck BFE-TD05
Buddyfight Braves Explosion BFE-td04
Break to the Future bfe-bt05

BuddyFight Darknes Fable (BT04)
Buddyfight Great Clash Dragon vs Danger (EB02)
Buddyfight Drum's Advebtures (BT03)
Buddyfight Immortal Entities (EB01)

Buddyfight Cyber Ninja Squad (BT02)
Buddyfight Dragon Force Starter Deck (TD03)
Buddyfight Character Pack 1 Burning Valor (CP01)
Buddyfight Dominant Dragons & Savage Steel Trial Decks

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