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vge-g-bt10 Raging Clash Of The Blade Fangs (Preorder)
vge-g-ttd01 Touken Ranbu TTD
vge-g-tb02 Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- 2
vge-g-rc01 Revival Collection

vge-g-bt09 Divine Dragon Caper
vge-g-td10 Ritual of Dragon Sorcery
vge-g-cb04 Gear of Fate
vge-g-td09 True Zodiac Time Beasts

vge-g-bt08 Absolute Jdgment
vge-g-tcb02 The Genius Strategy
vge-g-cb03 Blessing of Divas
G Booster Set 7: Glorious Bravery of Radiant Sword g-bt07

Vanguard Fighters Collection 2016
VGE-G-SD02 Knight of the Sun
G Legend Deck 2: The Overlord blaze
Cardfight Vanguard Vampire Princess of the Nether Hour (G-TD08)

G Booster Set 6: Transcension of Blade & Blossom g-bt06
G Starter Deck 1: Odyssey of the Interspatial Dragon (G-SD01)
the Reckless Rampage VGE-G-TCB01
Vanguard Incessant Waves G-CB02

Vanguard Moonlit Dragonfang G-BT05
Fighters Collection 2015 Winter
Cardfight Vanguard Illusionist of the Crescent Moon G-TD07
rallying call of the Interspectral Dragon VGE-G-TD06

Vanguard & Deletor VGE-G-CMB01 , Singles Avail
Cardfight Vanguard Soul Strike Against The Supreme (G-BT04) , Singles Avail
Cardfight Vanguard The Dark "Ren Suzugamori" G-LD01
Cardfight Vanguard Mermaid Idol Summer Set

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