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  Name Level Attr Rarity Cond Price Onhand Buy
  Book of Moon ysds-en025 Common 1st Edition Mint NZ$1.30 1
  Book of Moon tu-1-en012 Common 1st Edition Mint NZ$1.30 1
  Charge of the Light Brigade SOVR-ENSE2 Super Rare Limited Edition Mint NZ$4.94 2
  D/D/D Oblivion King Abyss Ragnarok OP04-EN010 Super Rare Mint NZ$1.95 1
Des Mosquito YDB1-EN003 Super Rare Mint NZ$59.99 1
  Enemy Controllere SDSC-EN029 Common 1st Edition Mint NZ$1.04 1
  Fairy Tail - Sleeper op05-en007 Super Rare Mint NZ$2.59 1
  Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit cros-en033 Secret Rare 1st Edition Mint NZ$48.09 3
Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier H5SE-EN002 Super Rare Mint NZ$6.23 1
  Magical Diomension TU02-EN003 Super Rare Mint NZ$35.10 1
  (promo) Magical Something TDIL-ENSP1 Ultra Rare Limited Edition Mint NZ$3.89 1
  Mak of Restrict op02-en010 Super Rare Mint NZ$9.74 1
  Masked Hero Dark Law op01-en003 Ultra Rare Mint NZ$49.40 1
  Maxx "C" CT09-EN012 Super Rare Limited Edition Mint NZ$7.14 1
Mesmeric Control DOD-EN001 Super Rare Mint NZ$25.99 1
Metal Shooter YDB1-EN002 Super Rare Mint NZ$67.19 1
Monster Reborn RP01-EN016 Super Rare Mint NZ$47.24 1
Number 32: Shark Drake GAOV-EN042 Ultra Rare Mint NZ$3.89 1
  Solar Recharge sdli-en026 Common 1st Edition Mint NZ$1.94 2
Swift Scarecrow AP04-EN007 Super Rare Mint NZ$4.55 1
  The Agent of Creation - Venus lcyw-en253 Super Rare Mint NZ$3.76 1
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